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Probably the most underrated strategy to improve online sales and overall leads is conversion rate optimization (CRO), split testing, and landing page experience.  Don't simply spend more money sending traffic to poor performing landing pages and a website.  Develop strategies that will increase the probabilities people will reach out to you inquiring about your product or service.  It’s hard enough spending money on advertising and marketing channels and trying to decide which is actually working.  But when your marketing dollars are working smarter because you’ve optimized your website and landing pages, you’re putting yourself in a better position to capture more leads and more sales.

Based on the same strategies we use for our own agency, we wanted to share 21 conversion rate optimization tactics you can deploy to improve overall conversions on your website.

Assess Your Top 5 – 7 Competitors In Your Market

This is the first thing you should do.  Conduct a Google Search utilizing the same non branded search terms you'd expect and want people to locate you on Google with.  Jot down the paid advertisers and those showing up on page 1 of Google for those same terms.  Review and assess their websites.  Take yourself through the mind of a prospect and determine what aspects of your website are lacking relative to your competitors.  This is a powerful first step to improving conversions and even overall business practices for your website.  You’ll be able to generate ideas, what they’re doing well, and even what they’re not doing so well so you can improve your overall landing page and website experience.

Add A Chat Box To Your Website

A relatively inexpensive add-on that can easily increase engagement and inbound leads who need an answer now and simply want to talk to someone.  You have to remember that everyone consumes and engages with content and websites differently.  You'd be surprised how many new leads Propellant Media gets from the chat box we have on our website.

Having one will surely help you answer their questions more quickly and allow you to immediately bring value to those prospects, thus giving them a likely feeling of satisfaction and an increased likelihood they’ll want to do business with you in some capacity.

Are you looking for direct pricing or white label partner pricing?

What industry do you operate in and need assistance with?

47% of consumers surveyed stated that they would be likely to shop from a retailer that offered promotions when they are nearby. “

“Studies suggest that when a user isn’t surfing the web on his or her phone, he or she is likely to spend 86% of smartphone time using apps.”

Geo fencing can be the key differentiator in your business targeting the audience that matters the most to your company.

Why would you not want to be in front of those active buyers?  We can get your company ranked.

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