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Trying to find the proper paid agency can be challenging enough.  One who truly understands how to build out the proper Google Adwords campaign and proactively manage it.  But then you need to figure out all the right questions to ask them in order to ensure you’re evaluating them properly.

Based on our experience, we’ve compiled a list of the top questions you should ask any Google Adwords management agency.  Some of more advanced than others, but if you’ve ask your next provider of all these questions, you’ll both know if they’re the right fit and it will even get you thinking about what your current agency or your own company is doing while managing your existing paid search campaign.

What is your general philosophy in creating paid search campaigns?

Many companies have their own process and approach to creating paid search campaigns, but this question will give you insights into their level of thinking and what level of prowess they have into understanding your business and creating a paid search campaign that achieved results at the proper speed.  If they ask, ‘what do you mean?’…..just say I want to understand your overarching vision and perspective when you build campaigns for clients.

How do you go about measuring success within pay per click advertising campaigns?

You want to get some detail from the potential paid search provider on this one.  It's not enough to jot down the fact that you want phone calls and you are going to measure those calls via call tracking software or simply create a call-only campaign.  You should hear from them the core KPI's that matter, while also hearing them lay out a plan on how to measure multiple Key Performance Indicators (KPI)'s such as sales, appointment bookings, form submissions, and chat box engagements.  You should hear from them that they know how to technically measure these KPI's and they know how to set them up either directly via the website or through Google Tag Manager.

What is Google Tag Manager and how do you use it to set up goal tracking in your Google Adwords campaigns?

As a follow up to the previous question, google tag manager allows web developers to manage all of the proper tags needed to measure conversions, analytics, and other important integrations within your website.  If an agency does not know how to leverage google tag manager, be wary of their capabilities as a paid search agency.

Are you looking for direct pricing or white label partner pricing?

What industry do you operate in and need assistance with?

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