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COVID 19 & Marketing In Uncertain Times - Webinar March 27, 2020 We are getting this question often from clients. What should I do during this period when COVID-19 has hit so many companies and individuals? So we have a panel of experts in marketing who can shed some light on the matter and provide points on what companies can do during this time. We have the following experts participating the Q & A Discussion: Chris Dryer ( - SEO Nikkia Adolphe...

I did a webinar with Mark Scott Adams on the benefits of selling on Amazon in any Global Market.  This is a must see if you want to get a better feel of the process and the nuances one has to navigate.  We created an amazing course on how to sell on Amazon globally.  To learn more, visit ...

In this video, we discuss the nine (9) tenets for selling on Amazon and really what required to become a successful Amazon Private Label Seller. Requires Money Upfront More A Long Term Play Brand Building Is Key Best Selling Rank Is Everything Product Is Everything Research Is Most Critical Stage Know Thy Competitors Pricing Does Matter Here Courage & Sticking With It There are few great tools we mentioned including Jungle Scout, AMZShark, and even Google Keyword Planner for performing keyword research in specific niches. ...