How to Market Your Business the Marvel Comics Way

          by Michael Schein After toiling for years as an anonymous comics writer, Stan Lee had a once-in-a-lifetime idea. Lying in bed with his wife one night, he dreamt up a brand new type of superhero team. A team of heroes with insecurities, fears, jealousies, and flaws. In other words, a team of real human beings. Stan Lee called his creation the Fantastic Four. It was a massive hit. Naturally, his boss wanted more. So in an insanely short…

Social Media For Real Estate Agents – Infographic

This is our second installment of supplying real estate agents with information that is useful.  In this post we discuss how to leverage social media and a pretty cool product called Agent Reel that was created by Spark Growth Partners.  I recommend you reach out to them if you want to learn more about social media for real estate agents.