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Geofencing is considered the new kid on the block when it comes to mobile advertising. Many people misperceive it as 1 mile radius targeting or even 1 block targeting. Facebook claims to have a radius targeting solution down to 1 mile, but in our mind that is not a true geofence. A geofence is a virtual fence placed around the precise area or down to a building. At Propellant Media, we are able to granularly target people in individual buildings,...

Propellant Media is a Digital Ad Agency based out of Atlanta Georgia. We focus extensively on Geofencing Marketing, as well as paid search, pay-per-click advertising, all of those other cool, fun things that we do as an organization. I wanted to talk to you a little bit about the power of Geofencing for conferences and trade shows. Specifically, businesses and organizations that want to target conference and event attendees at those particular trade show type situations. Targeting Conference Attendees With Geofencing I...