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Running a nonprofit is challenging. Fortunately, it's easier than ever to raise money online. Here are four tips that will help any nonprofit improve their social media marketing strategy. Define Social's Role in Your Nonprofit's Communications Strategy It's surprising how many organizations take a noncommital approach to their social media communications. They don't have a codified standard way of speaking with the public, and that hurts donations. That's why industry experts speak about developing a "voice." When a business or nonprofit entity talks...

Marketing for nonprofits is challenging! People love to help, but they're constantly bombarded by messages asking them for more money. It takes skill to spread your word in a competitive environment while adding donors to the rolls. It's time to consider brand new nonprofit marketing ideas that are proven to be effective. Quit wasting time and resources pleading to an unwilling audience. Start by Creating a Blog A blog will serve as the central hub for all of your organization's digital marketing efforts....