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From a marketing perspective, the rise of the smartphone is a godsend. It means you can access potential customers wherever they are. And thanks to geofencing technology you can tailor your ads to wherever they are too. Learn how to harness the power of geofencing technology right here. Today's consumers are constantly on the go. And yet, they're more connected now than ever before. This is made possible by mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. With these handy tools, they have...

The mobile market is continuing to dominate advertiser's attention and their need to conform their marketing efforts to mobile users. Ranking #1 in Google has a 23.5% mobile clickthrough rate, down from 28.6% in 2015 – Advanced Web Ranking (2017) It seems as though Google’s introduction of 4 ads in search results has impacted mobile quite a bit. More so than desktop, by a lot. Mobile CTR for the #1 Position on desktop in 2017 is 29.2%.  #1 Position in 2015 was 27.0%. So, a substantial drop in 2...