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You'll have to forgive the digital marketing industry for loving the use of jargon. Sometimes, new phrases come into existence to describe activities that are apt enough that everyone starts using the term. Experiential marketing is one of those concepts that's gaining much traction. Like you may guess, this form of marketing focuses on the experience that the customer has with an enterprise. The idea is also called "engagement marketing" by some and takes place when companies interact directly with their...

Inbound marketing is in a phase of significant automation. Some agencies are embracing the movement. These leading agencies will execute the initial concept and create automation strategies that drive leads and sales in a digital environment. For B2B clients, automation provides a scalable and measurable marketing plan that justifies the investment. There are numerous marketing automation platforms, and some agencies only handle specific ones. Find an agency that specializes in the marketing automation platform that best suits your industry and business goals. Thryv Thryv...