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We like to say the traditional marketing funnel remains the foundation for digital marketing best practices.  Without a clear understanding of the funnel, digital marketing agencies cannot as effectively operate and optimize marketing campaigns for clients.  The key insight is that a customer truly isn’t a customer until they have purchased a product or service.  Until then, they are a shopper.  And shoppers continue to funnel through this process from brand awareness, interest, and consideration to purchase, loyalty, and advocacy. ...

Craigslist Or Search I’ll be the first to tell you that I have done it all from search engine marketing to craigslist advertising. I also run a digital marketing firm so we have become fairly effective at figuring out which method makes sense as a means of marketing. I am partial to search engine marketing not just because it’s what we do at Que Commerce, but also it’s incredibly valuable and measurable. However Craigslist has its benefits as well. I will...