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The Right Propellant Can Turn The Smallest Spark Into Something Big.  Meet the team that lights the fire.

Ramon Usera

Senior Director

Ramon is a senior director at Propellant Media where he handles Account Executive, New Business Development, and client strartegy.

Brent LeVasseur

Senior Director

Brent is a leader in our Charlotte office and leads Programmatic Display and Paid Media efforts.

Justin Croxton

Director Of Sales

Justin Croxton is director of sales for Propellant Media where he handles business development, account execution, and business strategy.

Diana Woodruff

Creative Director

Diana handles all creative directives and ad creation for our agency. She is instrumental in turning messaging and graphics to life.

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Liberty White

Social Media Director

Liberty White and her team create and facilitate social media and community management initiatives through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other critical social channels for clients.

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Chris Williams

Senior Media Director

Chris leads our paid search and media team assisting clients with Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and Programmatic Ad Buys.

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Alex Cook

Media Analyst

Alex is an integral part of our team and helps with strategic execution of media buys, paid search, analytics, and reporting.

Muzette Randall

Senior Director

As Senior Directors, Muzette handle new business development and account executive work in Programmatic & Paid Media in the Atlanta market.

Nancy Apatov

Director of Media Buying

Nancy leads our media buying, planning, and strategy division at Propellant Media.

Kyle Forbes

Senior Director

Kyle is a leader in our New York office and leads Programmatic Display and Paid Media efforts for our non profit and political clientele.