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Building The Ideal Pages For SEO Rankings

On-Page SEO is where it all begins.  It’s where Google and other searches determine what your website and webpage is about, what other keywords your website is tangentially related to, and using those keywords in the proper locations on your webpage to ensure your page is as relevant as any of the other pages your are working to outrank.

Yes, link building, content marketing, and technical SEO are critical aspects of SEO, but our work always begins with on-page SEO, because with all the link building, people and more importantly search engines will not understand what keywords your search should rank for and what your webpages are all about.

The other critical aspect is targeting keywords with low search volume.  We see this too often, companies targeting keywords they made up thinking that’s what their audience is searching.  Normally, we are righting a lot of ships by implementing a simple on-page optimization process.

What To Focus On For On-Page SEO

We look at many factors for building a well optimized webpage:

  • Keyword In Title – Ensuring your keywords are properly utilized in the title tag
  • Keyword In Meta Description – Ensuring your keywords are utilized in the meta description
  • Keyword In URL – Working to get your keywords in the URL if possible.
  • Keyword In H1 – H2 Tags – Creating opportunities to pepper your keywords in the H1 to H4 tags on your webpages
  • Keyword In Image Alt Text – Getting the keyword in any images on your targeted webpage
  • Keyword Use In Text 
  • Keyword Used In Multimedia
  • Other similar keywords utilized throughout the text – Researching other LSI keywords and utilizing them through the copy on the webpages.

Advanced On-Page Optimization Methods

It’s not only about keywords peppered throughout your website.  There is an entire advanced practice we use build the optimal on-page optimization strategy so your site is structurally sound and ripe for ranking:

  • Using Outbound Links – Outbound linking to related webpages add more authority and relevance to your webpage.
  • Using Internal Anchor Text Links – Internal linking adds additional crawlability opportunities to your webpages.
  • Boosting Site Speed – Google has said increased page speed improves rankings.
  • Utilizing Longer Page Content – 1,000 Words+ Plus
  • Maximizing Your Organic Click Through Rate
  • Ensure The Webpage is of good quality – Good quality = stickiness, less bounce rates, and higher engagement which leads to higher rankings.

And a lot more we know.  Just look at this page for on-page optimization.  We have implemented all of the basic and advanced methods on this page, but we’ve done enough intentionally to ensure this page is well optimized.

“93% of online experiences begin with a search engine whether it’s Google, Yahoo, Bing or some other search engine.”

Case Studies

The good news is at Propellant Media, our focus on producing great content coupled with an effective SEO strategy is what ultimately impacts our clients’ listing results.  We are your modern PR digital agency.  By educating our clients on what makes Google’s Algorithm tick, we can pull the levers that have the greatest chance of producing higher rankings and more relevant search traffic for our clients. Here are a few of the SEO services we provide:

  • Targeted Content Creation
  • Extensive Technical SEO (Site Speed Enhancements, 301 Redirects, 404 Broken Links)
  • Ongoing SEO Quick Win Enhancements
  • Link Building “Earning” Services
  • Content based links
  • Digital PR
  • Link Reclamation
  • High Powered Directories
  • Partnerships
  • Link Magnets
  • Guest Blogging

On-Page Optimization Process


SEO Audit

Here we perform a deep dive into your website to get a sense of where we stand with its existing on-page optimization.


Keyword Research

It's time we deep dive into the various keyword opportunities that will translate into targeted increased traffic.


Develop On-Page Content

We begin the process of develop the content for each individual website that needs on-page optimization.


Basic On-Page Optimization

This is when we start our on-page optimization best practices for your website and the critical webpages we audited.


Advanced On-Page Optimization

This is when we start our advanced on-page optimization best practices for your website and the critical webpages we audited.

Granular Analytics & Link Building Reporting

This is an area we love to talk about.  With analytics, we can determine what’s effective and what’s not and turn ineffective campaigns into positive ROI campaigns for our SEO clients.  We pull many link reports including:

  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Moz
  • SEMRush
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Bing Webmaster Tools

You will receive regularly reports highlighting the most important functions of your search engine optimization and we will report on everything from Rankings to keyword opportunities all in one dashboard.

Google currently holds 80.5% of total search engine market share (up from 65.5% in January 2016).

57% of B2B marketers stated that SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative.

Search Engine Optimization remains a critical channel for brands and organizations that want to connect with active searchers.

Why would you not want to be in front of those active buyers?  We can get your company ranked.

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