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Geo fencing advertising

Finding geofencing marketing providers and even companies that can white label their services can be difficult.  Some require you to have spends above $10,000/month, some require you to spend at a $10.00/CPM rate, and some geofencing providers are not really what we’d consider true geofencing.  There are a number of beacon technology firms as well as true geofencing agencies that are useful for specific needs of the organization.

Geofencing is an important strategy that we at Propellant Media employ to help you achieve your marketing efforts and needs. And even though we believe we can meet all of your geofencing needs, we realize this may not always be the case. As a result, we have listed here the top 21 geofencing marketing company providers.

Propellant Media – A Geofencing Marketing Company

Propellant Media is one of the premier digital agencies offering geofencing and programmatic display to small and midsize companies that are looking to bring hyper local targeting solutions to local and national brands with multiple locations. Propellant Media was founded to bring enterprise level solutions to small – midsize companies and emerging brands. Watch the video below to better understand our geofencing solutions:

Many companies claim they utilize geofencing to target people, but other geofencing solutions are typically referred to as beacon technology. These geofencing solutions only allow advertisers to drill down to a 1 mile radius, which can still be too broad for many advertisers.

Propellant Media’s geofencing solution allows companies to drill down to individual buildings, malls, retail stores, parking lots, events, and even convention centers. Many of the geofencing platforms on the market charge a minimum of $10,000 – $20,000/month in media, whereas Propellant Media allows companies to spend $1,000/month in media when working directly with the agency. For white label partners, that monthly media spend drops to $500/month in media per client they bring to the platform.

In addition to geofencing, Propellant Media offers a number of other programmatic solutions including:

  • Behavioral Targeting
  • CRM Retargeting
  • IP Targeting
  • Search Retargeting
  • Dynamic Site Retargeting
  • Keyword Contextual Targeting
  • Programmatic Video

Propellant Media also provides a white label solution to other digital agencies and marketing companies that want a turnkey solution that includes reporting, analytics, and full execution of geofencing and programmatic display campaigns.

propellant media screenshot home screen geofencing is one of the original founders of geofencing. utilizes what’s known as unstructured data to pinpoint the individual users and specific nuances of those consumers on app or websites consuming content or visiting particular places. This makes them a great company to advertise with. in our opinion is the best platform on the market, however if you want to utilize their platform, you need to be spending a minimum $10,000 – $20,000/month in media to work directly with them.  Otherwise, you can go to a company like Propellant Media who utilizes the solution but has a significantly reduced minimum fee. screen shot home page geofencing


ThinkNear is a location based advertiser that also offers geofencing solutions to companies.  They have several offices around the United States.  Their proximity-based targeting focuses on identifying mobile users near specific locations, such as businesses, events, and other points of interest. Scored GeoFences are a great tool for real-time targeting of users within a specific distance of a retail location.

So they may not provide the specific geofencing solution where you can target the actual people that walk inside a specific building, but showcase the ability to get close to the people who do walk near your targeted area.

thinknear home page screen shot geofencing


Agility.Marketing is another big time player of programmatic display advertising.  On their website, they mention that Agility allows you to reach your target audience, regardless of where they are, with highly targeted, real-time dynamic ads and the best account management in ad tech.  They seem to provide a similar geofencing solution as Propellant Media.  The big benefit from them is they offer free Ad Creative Development if you choose to utilize their programmatic digital solution set.  Having a partner who can develop the ads at no additional charge is in fact a nice benefit and why we like these guys.

We are uncertain of their cost structure and minimum spend requirement, so that would be an important question to ask if you are considering their services. geofencing home page screenshot


Cidewalk specializes in mobile marketing solutions for small and mid-sized business owners. They allow their clients to target a specific city or town. Once their clients create their own custom mobile ads, the company then launches the client-made ads through thousands of popular apps, where people receive the ads while using the apps. Cidewalk has three pricing options: $100, $250, and $500 per month.  You can pick any town / city in the US to promote your business. As soon as you launch, your ad will start appearing on thousands of smartphone apps ranging from news to weather to games.  No. Unlike many other advertising companies, we don’t require any long-term commitment. You can cancel anytime and not be billed going forward.

cidewalk geofencing home page screenshot

Local Page Pop

Local Page Pop allows their clients to target audiences based on location-based targeting and add demographic filters to these geo-fences. Their ads are launched on mobile, desktop, video, and more. They offer more advertising options than geofencing. So if you want a holistic advertising campaign that is flexible and can target your needs, you may want to consider them. We do not know their pricing options, so their solutions may be costly.

Local Page Pop seems to do a lot of work with Political campaigns as well as real estate firms.

localpagepop local page pop geofencing home page screenshot

Medialyze Marketing

Medialyze offers a three-step process to better help you connect with your audience. The firm first analyzes your site to ensure that the site is designed to maximize results from an increase in user leads brought in by their marketing efforts.

Next, the team behind Medialyze optimizes your online presence through technical and creative techniques to increase web performance, visibility, and drive traffic. Finally, the company utilizes their geo-fencing techniques along with their other advertising methods to bring you the best marketing solutions possible.

medialyze marketing geofencing home page screenshot


Companies using Salesforce Marketing Cloud can transform the customer journey using their real-time location. Salesforce offers geo-targeting, geo-fencing, and beaconing to its platform users. If you already use Salesforce, then unlocking their geo-fencing capabilities to target your customers is a great strategy.  Their geofencing capabilities are different from our standard use of geofencing and targeting people that visit specific buildings.  But worth looking into their solution to see if it’s a good fit for you organization.

salesforce home page screenshot geofencing


Enradius’s geo-targeting solutions allows you to target users based on zip codes, DMAs (Designated Market Areas), or via a 1 to 500 mile radius of a specified point. The Enradius team promises to work close with you in order to create the most optimal campaigns so that your ads reach the right people.

enradius home page screenshot geofencing leverages their SDK (Software Development Kit) to provide unique advertising solutions. Like the other companies mentioned in this post, they offer geo-fencing for their client’s advertising needs. However, they also provide advertisers with a customizable analytics page to gather performance insights and an events editor that triggers actions based on specific events within geo-fenced locations. also uses beaconing technology to target people that pass specific locations called beacons. These beacons are designated by the advertisers and they capture users within a specific range of the beacon. offers 5 different pricing points, ranging from a 30 day free trail to €570 per month. The company also offers negotiable prices for clients that want more customization options within their platforms. geofencing screenshot home page

Kick Adz Media offers geo-fencing solutions to advertisers who want to target anyone who enters their competitor’s store or retarget customers who have already entered their store. They can even track in-store conversions for someone who has seen your ad walks into your store.  These guys are similar to the solution set we provide as an agency.  We’re uncertain as to their pricing, but are worth reaching out to if you are truly looking for another geofencing option.

KickAdz Geo-Fencing geofencing screenshot


Braze helps marketing teams build customer loyalty through mobile, omni channel customer experiences. Braze offers a service called Braze Location Marketing Suite, which takes customer data and uses it to reach your audience effectively with highly targeted, contextually relevant outreach. The full suite offers location targeting, geofencing, location data enrichment, location data detection, and beacon support solutions for your marketing efforts.

braze geofencing home page screenshot


Reach Local is a big player with many locations and a large army of sale people who provide ppc, seo, and programmatic display solutions to small business owners.  There’s a lot of churn and burn at this company, but they do provide a large solution set to company.  They offer a software they developed called Reach Edge that allows you to track leads and turn them into customers. Reach Edge provides the standard geofencing solutions that many of the other companies listed here has to offer; however, what makes Reach Local’s Reach Edge software unique is that the software broadens your exposure in search engines by putting accurate and consistent information about your business on over 50 directories, including Google and Yelp. This feature helps you drive traffic from local search queries.

reachlocal geofencing home page screenshot


One Audience has developed an SDK for advertisers who want to promote their apps to an array of audiences. One Audience aggregates user data from their network of participating apps and mobile publishers to create audiences and then separates them into segments. With One Audience’s insights, you can target this audience of deterministically identified mobile users.

oneaudience geofencing geo-fencing home page screenshot


Spatially allows you to build your audience based on business addresses that you select and filters that you add. You choose which ad network you want to work on and design your ads with the Spatially team. Spatially also provides software that lets you manage and track your campaigns. The company provides two pricing options, which are labeled self-serve and managed service. For the self-serve option, you must spend a minimum of $5/day. For the managed service feature, the minimum spend requirement is $500.

spatially geofencing home page screenshot geo-fencing


Brightsign has a unique position in the geo-fencing market because their main product is in selling digital signs for advertisers. Their signs can be seen in shuttles, taxis, public transportation, moving billboards, tour buses, boats, and etc. Using GPS tracking software, they are able to play content based on the location of their signs. This means that as one of these signs passes through a geo-fence, the image or video displayed on the signs can change. This is powerful for advertisers who want to use digital sign technology to advertise.

brightsign geofencing geo-fencing home page


Blue Dot Innovation provides geo-lines, which are virtual tripwires that trigger any action in a mobile device once customers cross over the line. For example, a retail store can set a geo-line at their competitor’s store entrance. Once a customer walks across the geo-line, they trigger an action designed by the advertiser. In this example, the retail have an ad sent to the mobile devices of the customers walking into their competitor’s store.

bluedot bluedotinnovation geofencing geo-fencing home page screenshot


Swirl uses their platform to map geo-fences around relevant locations. They offer an unlimited number of geofences and allow the fences to be of any size and shape. They also provide software for analyzing and optimizing the performance of any mobile campaigns. This way you can document business objectives and configure measurement settings on their platform. Marketers can also define different audiences with a large variety of options and analyze campaign performance through Swirl.

swirl geofencing geo-fencing home page screenshot

Verve Mobile

Verve Mobile offers beacon technology to retail owners. Their beacons measure how customers move within indoor and outdoor spaces. Moreover, they also offer the ability to engage with these customers via their mobile devices. Using wireless devices, Verve Mobile is able to track customer movement and create journey maps detailing the movement of the customers through the space. You can also send ads to these customers either during their visit or after they have left the store.

verve geofencing geo-fencing home page screenshot

Element 502

Advertisers can also use Element 502’s geofencing technology to target specified locations and send ads to mobile users at these locations. Element 502 does not just offer geo-fencing solutions, however, they also provide website design assistance. The quality of your landing page is important when marketing. As a result, if you need help with website design as well as marketing needs, Element 502 offers a one-stop shop for these needs.

element 502 geofencing geo-fencing home page screenshot


For advertisers looking to launch campaigns that target geo-fenced and beaconed locations, Xtreme Push is the answer. Xtreme Push has both geo-fencing and iBeacon technologies, which enable users to instantly engage consumers in key locations, resulting in increased foot traffic and completion of key performance indicators.

They are a UK based company that utilizes more proximity based targeting than actual geofencing where you’re building geofencing around the contours of buildings.  But could be a viable choice if you’re looking for a beacon type advertising solution.

xtremepush geofencing geo-fencing home page screenshot

47% of consumers surveyed stated that they would be likely to shop from a retailer that offered promotions when they are nearby. “

“Studies suggest that when a user isn’t surfing the web on his or her phone, he or she is likely to spend 86% of smartphone time using apps.”

Geo fencing can be the key differentiator in your business targeting the audience that matters the most to your company.

Why would you not want to be in front of those active buyers?  We can get your company ranked.

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