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Finding geofencing marketing providers and even companies that can white label their services can be difficult.  Some require you to have spends above $10,000/month, some require you to spend at a $10.00/CPM rate, and some geofencing providers are not really what we'd consider true geofencing.  There are a number of beacon technology firms as well as true geofencing agencies that are useful for specific needs of the organization. Geofencing is an important strategy that we at Propellant Media employ to help...

The managing partner of Que Commerce, Justin Croxton, conducted a video giving business owners a briefer on digital marketing strategies and how to implement into their business plans.  This video is 38 minutes long and provides lessons and best practices of online marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, local search, paid search, content marketing and social media: Feel free to leave comments and thoughts on the presentation....