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document.addEventListener( 'wpcf7mailsent', function( event ) { location = '/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2018/04/Local-Business-Guide-To-Geofencing-Marketing-Propellant-Media.pdf'; }, false ); Want a free copy of our new PDF "Localized Business Guide to Geofencing Marketing?"  Just enter your email address for free access.  BELOW IS AN EXCERPT FROM THE EBOOK. [email-download download_id="8329" contact_form_id="8328"] Chapter 3 – THE BENEFITS OF GEOFENCING Many people misperceive geofencing as 1-mile radius targeting or even 1-block targeting. Facebook claims to have a radius targeting solution down to 1 mile, but in our mind that is not...

The mobile market is continuing to dominate advertiser's attention and their need to conform their marketing efforts to mobile users. Ranking #1 in Google has a 23.5% mobile clickthrough rate, down from 28.6% in 2015 – Advanced Web Ranking (2017) It seems as though Google’s introduction of 4 ads in search results has impacted mobile quite a bit. More so than desktop, by a lot. Mobile CTR for the #1 Position on desktop in 2017 is 29.2%.  #1 Position in 2015 was 27.0%. So, a substantial drop in 2...