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The Propellant Story

Propellant Media, LLC is a digital marketing and media solutions provider.  We help our Clients maximize leads, elevate customer and prospect engagement, and increase sales in a highly competitive digital, search and mobile first world.

Our Headquarters is located at Tech Square Labs in Atlanta, GA (  Its an “Innovation Hub Created for entrepreneurs-by-entrepreneurs”.  Working in this space has given us unique opportunities to combine our expertise and proprietary processes with the latest media and other technologies. This allows us to create and offer unique marketing and media solutions for our clients; some of which have previously only been available to Fortune 1,000 companies and big ad agencies.

We were founded on the idea that small to midsize companies that don’t have access to enterprise level solutions can gain access through.  There we’ve built a foundation of helping small to midsize companies grow through our digital solutions.  Many companies we work with can benefit from each individual solution we implement beit Paid Search or Programmatic.  But what we pride ourselves on is creating cost effective multi-channel campaigns that simply explodes growth for our clients.

We want you to be one of those clients to us.  See how we can help.

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Paid Search 0

Search Engine Optimization 0

Social Media Advertising 0

Analytics & Reporting 0

No Longterm Contracts

We do not require 6 - 12 month contracts with our clients. We know you're trusting us. And we will create campaigns where you'll stay with us that length of time.

All-In-One Dashboard

We provide all in one reporting for ALL of our campaigns including Programmatic, Social, and Search. And we're able to track online and offline marketing initiatives.

Outsourced Digital Experts

Consider us your outsourced digital marketing department. We eat, sleep, and breathe this space daily, and you'll see results as a result for our passion for digital.


Our team of experts have true experience in all areas of digital. You will be assigned an account executive who coordinates all of your campaigns.

Our Process For Onboarding


Digital Analysis

This forms the basis of your digital needs so our team can understand your car customer, your business goals, any existing advertising and marketing you're doing, and how we can develop a digital plan of action.


Creative Ads

What will you say when you show up? That question matters more than anything. Here we take your messaging and build Ads around it.


Campaign Build

From demographic targeting, geographic, and behavioral targeting to campaign objectives, we will build a granular campaign to reach your target audience.



Now we can pull all our advertising into a clean reporting system that you can easily review and dissect.



After running the campaign for 1 - 2 weeks, we start our optimization process with split testing ads, changing targeting parameters, and checking CPA goals.